We believe in long-term working relationships and prefer to work with organisations who share this ethos. Existing clients with support contracts are prioritised above taking on new work, and we carefully schedule projects around existing project and support contracts to ensure that we can provide effective top quality support.

A support portal allows your team to submit and track progress on tickets, and we are available via chat, email, and phone for emergencies. Your project will always be handled by Big Salami Ltd., and never subcontracted to or supported by outside parties. This ensures everything is done to the highest standards and in the best interests of your business and customers.

We offer competitive pricing, which is tailored to your requirements and project complexities. The spirit of our support contract is to provide your team with top-quality services at a fixed monthly cost, which includes the monitoring tools and the time we spend performing maintenance and manual checks. This gives you a fixed support cost with a significant savings (compared to performing these tasks at a standard hourly rate).

For more information and a quotation, please call us or send a message with your requirements.

Our standard support package is flexible, and includes:

Proactive WordPress theme and plugin maintenance

We apply security patches as they become available and update plugins and themes regularly to ensure tight security and remain competitive with the ability to take full advantage of new features.

Major versions of plugins and themes are tested before they are applied to your website(s), since these are sometimes indicative of big changes which may alter functionality or look-and-feel.

Website support

Basic support is provided for designated personnel to assist with any issues. E-commerce and website maintenance can be confusing, and we want to ensure best practice and great UX for your customers.

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions for anything from best practice and accessibility, to getting help with setting up a product in WooCommerce.

Active firewall monitoring

A firewall is your first line of defence, and protects your website and its data from potential intrusions. We blacklist repeat offenders and introduce new access and caching rules to strengthen the security of your website and improve its performance and SEO score.

Malware monitor

Malware can be on a website for months without being detected. Our malware monitor performs daily checks for anomalies, malicious code and known vulnerabilities across the entire website and database.

Daily Web Trust scan

We check your domain reputation with several domain trust authorities who scan websites for malicious code and threats. These include Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web, Sucuri Malware Labs, Bitdefender, Sophos and ESET.

Uptime monitor

We are alerted to any downtime your website experiences so we can immediately investigate, check logs and troubleshoot any issues.

Performance checks

Proactive and vigilant hardware and software checks ensure we catch problems before they are visible to your clients. Slow page performance may impact your SEO rank, and we will provide recommendations to improve this when we see any issues which can be addressed.

GDPR support

In the rare instance that you have a GDPR privacy request from a customer, we can help you deal with it in a compliant manner.

Link monitor

Our link monitor alerts us when it finds a broken link on your site, so we can take immediate action to avoid the negative impacts broken links have on SEO, user experience or revenue.

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