The art and science of user-centric design

In the digital realm, a website is more than a collection of pages; it’s an immersive experience. At Big Salami, we understand that seamless user experiences are not accidental; they are meticulously crafted through strategic planning. This process is the compass that guides every design decision, ensuring that your audience not only engages with your website but becomes an integral part of its narrative.

Dive into a world where every click, scroll, and interaction is meticulously crafted to engage, captivate, and convert.

  • Identify potential user groups

  • Craft user journeys from start to finish.
  • Test user journeys against realistic what-if scenarios.
  • Visualise content layout where necessary for further clarification and testing.
  • Map your content plan to the information architecture.
  • Vet content plan on multiple devices and screen sizes.

User-centric design

Our approach begins with empathy. Understanding your audience is the cornerstone of effective user experience design. Through comprehensive research, user surveys, and analytics, we uncover the unique needs, preferences, and behaviours of your users, ensuring every element of your website is tailored to provide an intuitive and delightful experience.

Crafting intuitive user journeys

With insights in hand, we embark on the journey of planning intuitive user flows. This involves meticulous mapping of the user journey by identifying entry points, defining pathways, and strategically placing touchpoints that guide users seamlessly from exploration to conversion.

Read our Wellingtone case study for more on our user experience process.

Crafting the blueprint: User Experience (UX) planning

Wireframing and prototyping

Visualisation is key. We translates research insights into tangible wireframes and prototypes. This allows us to test and refine the user journey, ensuring that every interaction is intentional, logical, and in harmony with your brand identity.

User flow mapping

Understanding the journey users take on your website is crucial. Through user flow mapping, we chart the paths users traverse, identifying opportunities for engagement, conversion, and seamless navigation. The result is a website that guides users intuitively from entry to action.

Information architecture

A well-organised digital space is the key to user satisfaction. We meticulously plan the backend architecture to streamline content maintenance, and ensure that content is structured logically, navigation is intuitive, and users can effortlessly find what they seek.

Responsive design integration

In a world where devices vary, a responsive design is non-negotiable. Our planning includes strategies for responsive design, ensuring that your website adapts flawlessly to different screen sizes, delivering a consistent and enjoyable experience across all devices.

  • We specially selected Stephan to help us with our new web site & branding as we already knew of his work. He is a rare animal… combining depth technical knowledge with a keen eye for design. In the past we have found technical web developers lack flair & creativity, whilst those with good design skills were limited technically. Stephan worked as a member of our team, acting as a critical friend, giving honest feedback and engaging us all in the design process. I have no hesitation recommending him, particularly to develop a new web presence from scratch. His technical knowledge, positive attitude and desire to excel make him an easy choice.

    Vince Hines

    Managing Director, Wellingtone

The power of play: unleashing gamification in website design

We believe that websites shouldn’t just be navigated; they should be experienced. Introducing the magic of gamification—a strategy that transforms your digital space into an interactive playground, captivating audiences, and fostering lasting connections.

Learn more about gamification, real-world statistics on why you should consider it, and our approach.

Why should you consider gamification?

Gamification goes beyond mere visuals; it’s about creating an immersive experience that resonates with your audience. By infusing elements of play, such as points, badges, and rewards into your website, we elevate user engagement to new heights.

The allure of earning rewards or achieving milestones creates a sense of accomplishment. Through gamification, we not only capture attention but also cultivate user loyalty, turning casual visitors into dedicated participants in your brand narrative.

Strategic storytelling

Gamification isn’t just about adding games to your website; it’s about strategic storytelling. We craft narratives that seamlessly integrate gaming elements, ensuring they align with your brand identity and resonate with your audience.

Rewarding experiences

From unlocking achievements to earning virtual badges, we design reward systems that make users feel appreciated. These rewards become a powerful motivator, encouraging users to explore, engage, and return to your website.

Interactive challenges and education

Immerse your audience in interactive challenges that not only entertain but also educate. Gamification allows us to create experiences that seamlessly blend entertainment with information, making learning an enjoyable journey.

For more information about gamification, statistics, steps to implement, and tips on how to do it well, read our article in our insights.

High-level benefits

  • Convert passive observers into active participants.
  • Get data-driven insights by tracking gamification interactions.
  • Foster a unique and memorable brand experience by adding an element of fun into your website.

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