Custom web applications

We redefine problem-solving through custom web applications to revolutionise the way you operate. Our unique approach to application development ensures high audience engagement and a long lifespan for your product, with automated checks to minimise maintenance requirements.

No outsourcing or subcontracting

We build and test our applications in-house and work directly with you throughout the project to ensure you are kept apprised of timelines and progress, and can preview functionality as milestones are reached.

User experience (UX) in every aspect

With UX at the core of our design philosophy, we go beyond pure aesthetics to ensure your application provides real value and exceeds user expectations. Meticulous user research and intuitive design will ensure your project’s success. Learn more about our UX processes.

Measuring success

Success should be measured to ensure that your budget is spent effectively and the application provides great value. We start by documenting existing processes (good and bad) to gather baseline metrics.

Once all requirements have been thoroughly interrogated, we define tangible goals, identifying signals for success or failure, and gather metrics to measure the success of the application, using the baseline metrics as our starting point, giving you a timeline with indicators for value and success.

Learn more about how we measure project success and our approach to crafting effective user surveys.

Best practices

Investing in a custom application is not an inexpensive endeavour, and you should expect your application to run without issues for years to come, and with only standard maintenance requirements.

We build error logging and notifications into our applications to enable traceability when required, while adhering to privacy laws (GDPR), and avoid the bloat of stale log files with automated clean-up processes.

Our information architecture strategy considers expected growth, allowing the application to grow with your business. Our strict coding standards and thorough testing methodologies further allow us to test expected growth and traffic scenarios to ensure best performance over time.

Lifespan and supportability

We operate transparently, document our code and related processes, and follow industry best practices for all areas of the development lifecycle. We appreciate that you may want to host the application, or manage the codebase within your team, and we fully support your operational logistics.

Our experience includes building customer-facing and business productivity applications for SMEs and Fortune 500 companies in the USA and United Kingdom. We are excited for the next challenge and look forward to discussing your requirements.

Live weather feed application on 2 devices

Live weather data feed case study

This multilingual custom app provides up-to-date tidal and atmospheric information with a robust administrative portal, all with top-notch security.

Read about our work on this project.

Our approach to custom applications

At Big Salami, we don’t just design websites; we curate digital masterpieces that resonate with your brand, captivate your audience, and drive results. Our applications perform seamlessly across all devices, while adhering to privacy (e.g., GDPR) and accessibility requirements (WCAG).

Our approach

First impressions matter, which is why we start all projects with one or more user experience (UX) sessions to identify your audiences, their motives, and map their journeys through your application.

Design and the front-end

Your custom application will be designed to match your brand, and the system it integrates with (e.g., your website). This ensures a consistent user experience for your customers.

We adopt a mobile-first approach and build applications with responsiveness in mind so they perform well on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Privacy and GDPR compliance

Our commitment to secure and scalable solutions means your digital presence is not just for today but for the future. We work closely with your team to ensure full compliance with organisation’s data privacy policies.

We believe in full transparency, and provide clear documentation on how our applications handle data, so you can update your privacy policies (if required) and easily handle any privacy-related requests.

Accessibility compliance

We prioritise the creation of digital experiences that foster an environment where all your customers can engage seamlessly. WCAG 2.1 AA compliance is a standard part of our development process. Learn more about our accessibility compliance and testing services.

Simplified content management

Similar to our UX processes, we consider existing content maintenance paradigms, technologies and information architecture to craft a familiar interface for your content editors, while providing an awesome experience to visitors.

Secure and scalable platforms

Hosting scalability is paramount in ensuring your application performs well, regardless of the seasonality of your business, or growth over time.

Our hosting platform scales up automatically to stay performant during the high demand of seasonal traffic, and scales down during quieter months to save on hosting costs.

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