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Wellingtone is a project, portfolio and work management consulting and training company with offices in Windsor (UK), Dublin and Madrid. They enable their clients to make step change in project, portfolio and work management maturity by working with them as their trusted partner.

Globally they are the only consultancy that is both a Microsoft Gold Partner with the PPM specialisation and an Accredited Training Provider with the Chartered Body for Project Management, the Association for Project Management.

Wellingtone’s aspirations for further expanding into European markets prompted a change in their marketing strategy, which started with an updated core brand and a new website to localised audiences with multilingual content.

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Wellingtone tradeshow displays
  • We specially selected Stephan to help us with our new web site & branding as we already knew of his work. He is a rare animal… combining depth technical knowledge with a keen eye for design. In the past we have found technical web developers lack flair & creativity, whilst those with good design skills were limited technically. Stephan worked as a member of our team, acting as a critical friend, giving honest feedback and engaging us all in the design process. I have no hesitation recommending him, particularly to develop a new web presence from scratch. His technical knowledge, positive attitude and desire to excel make him an easy choice.

    Vince Hines

    Managing Director, Wellingtone

User experience transforms the marketing strategy

Wellingtone has a rich and diverse client base and can easily adapt to provide each client a customised and well-rounded solution.

By using Big Salami’s proven user experience and project requirements gathering exercises with stakeholders at Wellingtone, we helped redefine their core marketing strategy into 4 unique areas which refocused the business into 4 clear areas: Technology, Consulting, Training and Thought Leadership. This segmentation provides clear paths for potential clients to discover how Wellingtone can help them with their projects.

Wellingtone website - information architecture
  • I worked with Stephan directly on the creation of the new website and was really impressed by the structured approach, whilst he himself remained flexible and above all personable! He has a real ‘can-do’ attitude and was great at explaining the possibilities and any limitations that existed. Stephan is a pleasure to work with, he’s attentive, swift at responding and eager to jump in and help whenever required. I would have no hesitation in recommending Stephan to anyone looking for web / print or design expertise!

    Baz Khinda

    Commercial Director, Wellingtone

A new brand amplifies corporate culture

A look to the future with a nod to the past, the new brand celebrates iconic culture from the 80s which is prevalent in current design trends. This modern twist on Back to the Future meets Tron provides a nostalgic yet modern feel, and fits in well with the sci-fi loving culture at Wellingtone.

A competitor evaluation revealed that other organisations tend to use safe colour palettes and imagery, which often provide little differentiation with their peers. The need to stand out prompted the use of bold imagery, a dynamic colour palette and brave brand voice and image choices to use in the corporate brand.

New brand imagery

Wellingtone’s corporate culture is quirky and fun-loving while always being professional when it comes to client delivery. They love Star Wars, Back to the Future, Tron and other sci-fi “classics.” This set the stage for a really great new brand.

After a few short weeks, we had a full library of images to be used on the website and print materials, which are nostalgic, iconic, relatable, quirky and represents the professionalism and drive that Wellingtone puts into every project.

Wellingtone DeLorean in a neon landscape
  • Big Salami exceeded our expectations and we were delighted with the end-product, so much so, we have also asked Stephan to work with us on our second Spanish website. It’s something we are proud to display as our ‘shop front’ to customers.

    Hannah Francis

    Marketing Executive, Wellingtone

Wellingtone Brand Guide

Updated logo and wordmark

A change in Microsoft partners’ marketing strategy marked a great time for an updated logo, tagline and wordmark for Wellingtone. The wordmark, logo and tagline directions came from Wellingtone and Big Salami refined it as part of their brand package to be used with the new colour palette, brand imagery and backgrounds.

Updated colour palette

The new colour palette features3 primary colours and 4 secondary colours.

Various practices within the organisation are now able to adopt a secondary colour to use alongside primary colours to help differentiate their practice from others within business.

Brand guide

A brand guide was provided to support designers who create visuals for their campaigns and projects, in order to represent Wellingtone in consistent and familiar way to their customers.

The Big Salami difference

User experience at the centre

We start every project with our tried-and-tested user experience exercises. This allows us intimately familiar with our client’s current and idealistic corporate culture as well as their current and aspirational clients. We evaluated all outcomes of this session and paired it up with the 5-year business plan and business requirements.

Requirements gathered from this session allowed us to start crafting overall information architecture and user experience requirements for the website. These requirements also identified that the current brand needed a revamp in order to keep up with new business goals. This allowed us to tackle everything at the start instead of changing gears midway into the project.

SEO optimised and fully accessible

By following SEO best-practice guidelines, paired with our intimate knowledge of WCAG and global accessibility guidelines, we provide equal access to all website visitors and provide search engines an easy traversal path of all content to ensure great SEO rank.

URLs are strongly typed (long and descriptive), making it easy for additional SEO ranking and helps users easily spot if they’re in the right place. Page structure follows the marketing strategy to further help users and search engines understand the hierarchy of content.

Wellingtone website - laptop, tablet and mobile devices
Wellingtone Branding Set

Single requests are considered with a broader consequence to ensure a cohesive client experience across all platforms

As with every project, we make ourselves intimately familiar with our clients’ content, and this project was no exception. This enables us to make recommendations on content, imagery, structure and brand voice to ensure a cohesive client experience across all platforms. Whether users see a trade-show banner at an event, social media content, printed material or the website, they should instantly and undeniably recognise the Wellingtone brand.

A secure and performant hosting environment with GDPR compliance

Wellingtone’s website sells training courses online and allows users to submit their contact details via forms on the website. We evaluated their choice of hosting platform to ensure a smart caching solution was available, SSL implemented as standard and the tools are available to make GDPR-related requests easy to comply with. All plugins chosen for the CMS are carefully vetted so user data stays safe and the website secure.

Easy to maintain

All aspects of website and graphic maintenance are considered when we choose CMS platforms and plugins, ensuring that content contributors can easily add new blog posts, images, events and maintain website pages. Easy-to-use, yet powerful content maintenance options allow website contributors more time to spend on crafting quality content than trying to figure out how to get it into a complex system with limited layout options.

  • There has definitely been an improvement to the amount of work I have to do on a daily basis. With things integrated such as EventBrite, it has been great.

    Hannah Francis

    Marketing Executive, Wellingtone

Big Salami

Long-term partnership

Our working relationship with Wellingtone is ongoing, and one we value greatly. They’re a fun bunch and are not afraid of making bold choices to stand out. They put their customers first, follow best practice recommendations and spend time getting things right.

We can’t wait for what’s next!

  • It was truly refreshing to work with Big Salami, unlike previous developers, they were able to recommend and push back on ideas. We wanted to focus on User Experience in our new website and this was something they were competent and knowledgeable with.

    Hannah Francis

    Marketing Executive, Wellingtone

Wellingtone website - mobile devices

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