Landzie tradeshow banners, spreader and lawn aerator

About Landzie

With a customer-first approach, Landzie designs and manufactures high-quality, innovative lawn products, like their well-known compost spreader, to make lawn care more convenient, straightforward, and affordable to customers in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and others.

Situated in the heart of New Jersey, USA, Landzie has garnered international recognition for its exceptional, cutting-edge products, which are backed by 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and are available through a variety of retail channels including online giants like Amazon and eBay.

Landzie takes great pride in their customer service excellence, and it’s this quality that drew us into their narrative.

Planning & UX

Branding & Design

Product Photography

Website & Hosting


Security & Support

Our involvement

As Landzie’s trusted technology partner, Big Salami is honoured to have been part of Landzie’s journey from the beginning.

We designed and built their e-commerce platform, manage the hosting provider and maintain externally facing product feeds to services like Google Merchant. We also helped strengthen the brand with tweaks in the logo, updated colours, and an expanded brand guide to provide a consistent experience for customers across all digital channels.

  • We have had the privilege of collaborating with a remarkable digital agency that specializes in crafting extraordinary experiences in WordPress and WooCommerce. Stephan, the creative genius behind Big Salami, embodies a unique blend of playfulness and professionalism that sets him apart from anyone we have ever worked with, on any project.

    Andrew Laplante

    Owner, Landzie

Supporting Landzie comprehensively in design and technical aspects for both customer-facing and business operations, our commitment extends beyond addressing immediate needs. We guide and coach their team, fostering competencies in areas they aim to manage independently. Our ongoing role involves maintaining the robustness and security of Landzie’s e-commerce infrastructure, ensuring smooth operations and peace of mind to the business and its customers.

Through continuous efforts, we provide sustained support, implement security measures, and conduct 24/7 health monitoring for Landzie’s e-commerce infrastructure. This proactive approach ensures seamless operations, particularly during high-traffic sales events like Black Friday, allowing them to concentrate on their primary objectives with unwavering focus.

Landzie website on 2 devices

E-commerce and website

Big Salami worked closely with Landzie’s technical and marketing teams to craft a user experience that gets users around the site with ease, including navigation, on-page call-to-actions, custom product page layout, and search.

With more than 50% of customers using their mobile devices to browse products, we optimised pages to load quickly on all devices, with SEO optimisation as the primary objective.

Platform health and security

E-ommerce platforms require a higher level of security and compliance than standard websites due to the customer data that passes through it and is stored longer term.

The site is hosted in a top-tier, secure datacentre with a 3-layer security model to guarantee the safety and security of Landzie’s customer and order data.

To ensure maximum supportability and security of the website, functionality is tested frequently and updated often. We thoroughly test all third-party technologies and provide customisation only where required functionality does not already exist to ensure the platform performs at its best.

  • We are honored to have had the privilege of working with this remarkable agency, and we eagerly anticipate what the future holds in our ongoing partnership. With Stephan at the helm, we are confident that our journey will continue to be defined by excellence and innovation.

    Andrew Laplante

    Owner, Landzie

Google Merchant Centre (Google Shopping)

Google has an uncanny ability to read the minds of their customers when they search for products online. We leveraged structured data and automated content feeds to display Landzie’s products in Google Shopping as a strategic move to significantly enhance Landzie’s overall digital search footprint, and allow customers to see their products in rich snippets, showcasing essential details directly in Google’s search and shopping results.

Once configured, the feeds automatically sync Google Shopping with Landzie’s website (e.g., stock levels, prices changes, etc.). New products are automatically added, and products that are no longer available are automatically removed.

We love this kind of automation, not only because it’s geeky and cool, but also for the massive cost savings it provides to our clients (versus paying for ads or manually adding products to Google Merchant).

Structured data with Google Merchant
  • We are honored to have had the privilege of working with this remarkable agency, and we eagerly anticipate what the future holds in our ongoing partnership. With Stephan at the helm, we are confident that our journey will continue to be defined by excellence and innovation.

    Andrew Laplante

    Owner, Landzie


Landzie places immense importance on the integrity of their team, dependability of their products, and transparency in everything they do.

As they expanded their online presence with social media and email campaigns, consistency in their communications and customer experiences were pivotal in establishing trust with their audience, especially with multiple designers and agencies creating assets for their campaigns.

Logo and colours

We made refinements to their already splendid logo, provided an updated colour scheme, identified fonts, and created a brand guide which outlines how to use the brand elements in a way that aligns with Landzie’s mission and values.

Landzie Brand Guide
Landzie Logo alignment

Spacing and alignment consistency

Visual alignment and sufficient white space are not always mathematical and depend heavily on the overall design. Using the alignment tools in design software can cause a visual imbalance in this logo when vertically centred.

The brand guide provides guidance on vertical centring and a quick method of checking white space around the logo to ensure consistent treatment across all marketing channels.

Updated colour palette

The original logo already featured the iconic green, blue, and orange. We made minor adjustments to the colour palette to provide a consistent and familiar appearance in print and digital media.

The brand guide also features visual scenarios (e.g., when to favour the monochrome version, and the ideal appearance on photographic backdrops) to build customers trust and enhance brand recognition.

Psychology behind the colours

To streamline the customer journey through various call-to-actions, we provided a colour psychology guide for designers to choose a colour best suited for the associated action (e.g., when to favour blue over green, and how to use the bolder orange colour for effect).

Landzie colour palette

Accessibility compliance

Inclusivity is not a retrofit, which is why we make accessibility a core part of every deliverable, ensuring maximum audience reach and best compliance from a legal perspective.

Using WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines, we create an expanded colour palette with brighter and darker variations of each shade, which features contrast ratios on black and white to help designers choose the correct colour combination.

  • In Stephan, we have found a partner who not only understands the intricacies of web development and digital marketing but who genuinely ‘geeks out’ over these subjects. It is this passion and depth of knowledge that have consistently elevated our collaborations to new heights.

    Andrew Laplante

    Owner, Landzie

Landzie Brand Guide - accessibility and colour
Landzie aerator closeup

Product photography

Photos that showcase the products in high definition and consistent lighting, give customers the opportunity to see the beauty and quality of these products before while shopping around.

The team at Landzie was keen to build a competency in product photography by managing this service in-house in their corporate office. This saves all the additional costs involved in shipping new products to a studio, and also provides a quicker turnaround time from the day new products arrive in their warehouse to when they can be added to the website.

We photographed Landzie’s core products, documented the process and produced a guide on the studio requirements, product styling and post-processing requirements. We also provided some feedback after the first couple of sessions to help with minor tweaks to ensure they get the best results.

  • Stephan’s expertise extends far beyond mere problem-solving; he has been a driving force behind our success in the digital realm. His contributions have transcended the boundaries of website development, encompassing digital marketing, branding, and an array of other ambitious projects. What truly sets Stephan apart is his unwavering dedication to our goals and his unparalleled responsiveness. No matter the geographical distance that separates us, he ensures that we feel closer than ever.

    Andrew Laplante

    Owner, Landzie

Landzie spreader and aerator
Big Salami

Long-term partnership

We love working with Landzie and enjoy our long-standing partnership. As with all our clients, we are in constant contact to ensure their e-commerce platforms remains healthy, performant and secure.

  • One exceptional moment that encapsulated the essence of our partnership was an in-person meeting in London, despite our US-based operations. Stephan’s commitment to the project was unmistakable, and his enthusiasm for every aspect of the web and marketing world was infectious. He is the embodiment of a true professional who not only meets expectations but consistently exceeds them.

    Andrew Laplante

    Owner, Landzie