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About Host Logic

Located in Gomshall nestled between Guildford and Dorking in Surrey, Host Logic provides a complete range of managed IT services and solutions, specifically chosen for small and medium businesses.

Their ethos is to provide services that they would be happy to receive themselves.  They know their stuff, care about doing it right and take a proactive approach to problem-solving rather than the standard reactive approach others employ.

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Security & Support

Astronaut - your technology in good hands

Space: the final frontier.

Technology is an ever-expanding landscape that can seem scary and unyielding when it comes to cyber threats, data protection and retention laws and device security.

Host Logic makes it their business to keep up to date with the latest technologies and certification requirements, with proper research, exploration and a lot of in-depth field-experience. This combination of drive, security and curiosity about all things technical is what made space-exploration the clear choice for the brand.

A bold, futuristic brand

New logo

We created the logo which features a rocket shooting through clouds into space and surrounded it in an authoritative all-caps font with the company name and two primary service offerings.  This symbol is intended to be reminiscent of the embroidered logo you’d expect to find on an astronaut’s uniform and space suit.

Host Logic logo

Brand voice

Space travel is never tackled alone and only the best and brightest get to wear the uniform and call themselves part of the team.  Host Logic only hires the best, and the team works together towards their common goals just as astronauts would do in space.

This guided our choices for the brand voice, fonts, images, logo, texture and colour palette.

New colour palette

Black was chosen as a primary colour for the logo as a bold, stark statement and can be inverted, depending on the background treatment.  Host Logic aligns itself closely with Microsoft technologies, which is why we chose secondary colours which complement Microsoft’s brand colours.

Host Logic colour palette
Host Logic website on various devices

The website

Big Salami worked closely with Host Logic stakeholders to create something truly unique, not only in its content, but also in its design and interaction.

After an in-depth user experience (UX) and information architecture (IA) session, we started writing content for all page outlines.  Using our content-first approach enables us to craft meaningful content and choose imagery to elevate the meaning of the content where appropriate, rather than writing text for predesigned columns and blocks.

Multiple user journeys were considered when planning the navigation, content, links and pages landing pages to ensure that potential clients can easily see how Host Logic is able to help them with their IT goals.

With security at the centre, we chose technologies which ensure a great user experience on all devices, is infinitely extensible and allows us full design freedom to keep the Host Logic brand cutting edge while allowing simple content maintenance.

  • Big Salami took into account every requirement we brought to the table. We really appreciate the attention to detail, autonomy and high-quality work we got with these guys.

    Adam Morris

    Managing Director, Host Logic

Images and design elements

We chose astronauts as the main feature in most images, because Host Logic is all about people, communication and collaboration in awe-inspiring scenes.

A planetary horizon curve was chosen as the primary design element for partitioning logical content sections.  This provides a refined feel with a sense of curiosity for what is to come.  Looking forward while focusing on what is currently at-hand.

Isometric iconography provide differentiation from otherwise flat colours and 2-dimensional technology logos.

Host Logic planetary curve screenshot
Brand voice images

Social media

We handle social media engagement for Host Logic and are currently planning a full calendar to increase Host Logic’s social media following by providing insightful and meaningful messages on social media rather than simply promoting new blog posts and website content.

This increases brand affinity and elevates the image of a company that truly does great work.

Host Logic social media on iPhones
  • The team at Big Salami was easy to work with, and they were able to translate our requirements into a successful solution without needing any hand holding. They listened to our requirements, thought through all the possible hurdles and planned a solution that suits us well.

    Adam Morris

    Managing Director, Host Logic

Host Logic logo
Host Logic planetary curve screenshot
Host Logic website on various devices
Host Logic social media on iPhones

Beyond CMYK

In print media, we utilised a UV gloss coating as a fifth colour (alongside CMYK) to provide an additional design layer on top of space-themed imagery.  This allows us to highlight certain design elements in gloss and use the rocket as a glossy overlay while the rest of the printed media stays matte.

Move the image below around to see the gloss coating in action.

Host Logic greeting card with UV overlay
Big Salami
Host Logic

Long-term partnership

We love working with Host Logic and enjoy our long-standing partnership.  As with all our clients, we are in constant contact to ensure their brand, website and social media remains consistent, relevant and awesome across all channels.

We can’t wait for what’s next!

  • Big Salami far exceeded our expectations in every way, and always go the extra mile to ensure things are done correctly. They also brought ideas to the table that we didn’t think of to ensure our website is top notch.

    Adam Morris

    Managing Director, Host Logic