In today’s digital age, marketing isn’t confined to a single channel – it’s about weaving a compelling narrative across a variety of platforms. At Big Salami, we craft standout solutions to to captivate your audience and use boost your visibility in Google search results. Our strategies include multi-channel marketing, content generation and utilising structured data and other feeds to effectively expand your digital footprint, so you get noticed in a competitive and saturated web.

Compelling narratives for a lasting impression

Content is the backbone of online marketing. In a society where we are bombarded with ads, it’s important to find a voice that resonates with your audience so you can stand out from the crowd.

We’ll help you produce high quality content that not only reflects your brand voice but also speaks to your audience. From blog posts to video content, we ensure every piece is a strategic asset in your marketing arsenal.

Content generation strategy

Generating content is a big task, and should be approached strategically. We’ll help you define your target audience, what topics would likely pique their interests, and when to post the content for the highest impact. This brief list illustrates some of the strategies we use:

  1. Define your audience:
    Identify your target demographic, understanding their preferences and online behaviour.
  2. Understand user intent:
    Align your content with the intent of your audience, addressing their questions and adding value to their journey.
  3. Utilise multimedia:
    Diversify your content with visuals, videos, and podcasts to cater to various audience preferences.
  4. Master SEO:
    Stay updated on algorithm changes, incorporate relevant keywords, and optimise meta tags for enhanced search engine visibility.
  5. Establish consistency:
    Develop a content calendar to maintain a steady publishing schedule and keep your audience engaged.
  6. Leverage user-generated content:
    Encourage your audience to contribute content, fostering a sense of community and authenticity.
  7. Analytics and iteration:
    Track content performance, analyse user behaviour, and use data insights to refine your content strategy continuously.

Check out our guide on content generation, which explains each point in more detail.

Better visibility in Google search

Making your products and content rank well in search engines is how customers will find you organically. Using effective SEO techniques is key to this, alongside multi-channel marketing, structured data and content feeds. Using products as an example – when a customer searches Google for a product, Google shows them all relevant data for the product directly in the search results, which saves them the headache of having to visit every seller to find the best price. Google is able to do this accurately by using structured data, which is sent to Google Merchant through content feeds.

Structured data on all web pages in your website gives Google cues to interpreting the content, its context and when it could be relevant to a customer’s search. This helps search engines and their algorithms understand and showcase your products, posts and job opportunities automatically, and without any manual intervention.

Google search page illustration

The graphic helps illustrate how structured data and data feeds are used in Google search:

  1. Paid product placement (promoted).
  2. Organic search results where a data feeds provide product information, including photos, title, price and key attributes.
  3. People also ask section, which is a mix of structured data (FAQs) and organic search results that can be displayed as an FAQ.
  4. Organic search results without structured data (standard search results).

Structured data transforms your content into a language that machines comprehend, enhancing not only the accuracy of automated feeds but also ensuring your listings stand out in the crowded digital landscape.

If this sounds confusing, we have good news – we set it up for you, walk you through how it all works, and enable automation wherever possible, so you can focus on your customers and content. Alongside security and site health, we also monitor the health of these automations under our support agreement.

Structured data with Google Merchant

Learn more about our work with Landzie to drastically improve their organic search results with automated content feeds and structured data.

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