We prioritise the creation of digital experiences that are inclusive and accessible to all users. At Big Salami, we recognise the importance of ensuring that your website or application adheres to the highest standards, with thorough accessibility compliance testing, to foster an environment where all your customers can engage seamlessly.

Explore our comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance accessibility, mitigate barriers, and elevate your digital presence.

Our approach to accessibility

Comprehensive accessibility compliance testing

We conduct thorough accessibility audits to assess your website and digital assets against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 standards. We meticulously examine your pages, testing against all the requirements and provide a detailed report outlining successes and failures with actionable recommendations.

Customised compliance plans

Tailored to your specific needs, project and technologies, we develop accessibility compliance plans with processes for your team to follow during content maintenance tasks, ensuring ongoing compliance.

This allows us to thoroughly test new functionality before implementation, to ensure it integrates with your existing user experience paradigms, and meets or exceeds the desired level of accessibility compliance.

Implementation support and training

From alt text optimisation to enhancing navigation and structure, we collaborate with your teams to implement accessibility improvements efficiently, while educating your team members on all the processes to follow that applies to their roles.

By doing this, you are assured that your website not only meets the desired accessibility compliance level, but also delivers an exceptional user experience, long term.

Ongoing monitoring and updates

Accessibility is an ongoing commitment. We offer continuous monitoring services and stay abreast of evolving standards, providing updates and enhancements to maintain and improve accessibility over time.

  • In Stephan, we have found a partner who not only understands the intricacies of web development and digital marketing but who genuinely ‘geeks out’ over these subjects. It is this passion and depth of knowledge that have consistently elevated our collaborations to new heights.

    Andrew Laplante

    Owner, Landzie

Why choose our accessibility services?

Expertise and experience

Stephan’s accessibility and UX experience with small businesses, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies in the USA and UK gives us the edge to not only test with automated tools, but also perform more in-depth physical tests on select areas to ensure any issues that affect your customer experience and accessibility compliance are caught before they result in lost business or a lawsuit.

Education makes a difference

After a thorough audit, our reports provide in-depth information, aimed at educating your content contributors, based on the types of issues uncovered in the report, to help steer them so you can work towards continuous improvement rather than towards the “next round of fixes”.

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Holistic approach

We go beyond mere compliance tests, focusing on creating an inclusive digital environment that caters to the diverse needs of your audience. This includes considering the frameworks at play, and how to craft an awesome experience for all users.

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